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Target of the education network "Kindersolarzentrum"

Education for Sustainability
The "Kindersolarzentrum" is a education network for sustained development and for climate protection for children from 7 to 14 years in Thuringia.
The educational opportunities of the "Kindersolarzentrum" is to support and promote the children in school and leisure activities.
Through the educational opportunities of "Kindersolarzentrum" are the challenges and opportunities in our world in the present and in the decades to be age appropriate to convey the example of a low-carbon energy and its efficient use of so experienced, that a growing willingness to be reached for personal participation for sustainable development. So that children can gain some personal experience with the use of solar energy.

Promoting gambling, experimental and research-based learning
With the educational opportunities of the "Kindersolarzentrum" to the playful, experimental and research-based learning of children in school and out of school with yourself and experimental models for direct and indirect solar energy use, associated with the development of media literacy promoted.This is also the cross-disciplinary learning with interactive forms of learning are supported. The playful, experimental and research-based learning takes place in virtual and real laboratories for solar energy utilization as well as in schools and other institutions.

Early promotion of vocational opportunities
With the educational opportunities of "Kindersolarzentrum", the children connected with the uses of renewable energies, with an increasing energy efficiency and related necessary economic innovations such as the thermal insulation of our buildings, to produce low-emission or zero-vehicles, or to create new materials to save energy and resources of its own to gain experience. This is considered crucial for early promotion of a skilled worker offspring.