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Virtual Lab

Natural Sciences and technology virtuell experience for children.
www.solarbiker.de was developed for the playful, experimental and research-based learning on the Internet for children over eight years.The girls and boys are an example of the virtual solarBiker scientific and technical aspects of the use of solar power generation (photovoltaics) provides age-appropriate.Children learn that technique does not even have to be boring, but can be great fun.

The first step is the construction of the SolarBiker with the specified components.The functional SolarBiker generates a certain number of pedalkicks.

The Game Wizard
Here the user will be offered assistance. Key terms are explained in words and diagrams (Only German). The finished SolarBiker can be turn around in a 3D-Vision.

The possible number of pedal kicks of the functioning SolarBiker can be investigated by experiments. For this purpose the sprockets combinations and the incident solar radiation can be varied.

In a table of the chosen starting values for the experiments and the results are stored. They can be used for analysis and evaluation are used.